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About Coach Jendee


Coach Jendee is a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Master NLP Practitioner and a Certified Wealth Planner (CWA), and a Registered Financial Planner (RFP). She has years of Corporate Experience specializing in Training, Sales and Marketing before joining the Insurance Industry in 2012. 

Moving forward, her expertise as an RFP has opened doors for more significant engagements  with her clients and partners through Trust and Estate Planning and as an Affiliate Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Exchange (CISI UK). 

She is currently one of the Unit Managers of Pru Life UK and a consistent National Achievers Club Member. 

Moreover, Coach Jendee is the eldest daughter of Mr. Vic Sapo and Mrs. Ediliza Sapo who are both humble teachers of FEU - Roosevelt College Institute, a sister to Kevin Zerzes, a wife to Denver and a loving mother to Dei Jen-Claire with whom she finds meaning to set a stage to achieve in life, to be more and leave a significant mark in every person she meets.

"Ms. Jendee is a natural coach and facilitator. She is patient, kind and full of wisdom. She listens deeply and observes, then gives objective feedback to any kind of situation. She helped us build the confidence and clarity we needed to take risks and unlock our highest potential. She is someone you can rely on and will never let you down."


Arlene G. Gutierrez - 

Licensed Financial Advisor, National Achiever

Pru Life UK

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